Professional Recognition Process
Responsible Organisations: 

Terviseamet (Health Board)

Entity name: 

Terviseamet (Health Board)

Contact Data: 

Gonsiori 29, Tallinn, 15157, Estonia

Requirements and Documents needed
Documents needed: 
The EU; Norway and Switzerland citizens can work without special permission, the citizens of other countries have to prove their medical education is conformed to European standards and the employer have to make applications when hiring specialists outside EU.
No special language skills are demanded, but all the documents have to be in Estonian.


Directive 2005/36/EC Applicability: 


Other Requirements: 

No other offical requirements.

The hospitals have the final say on who the want to hire.


Deadlines and Duration

There are no deadlines


Re-certification required: 


Internship required?: 
Is it required to start with postgraduate medical training?: 

Not required.

Postgraduate Medical Training
Responsible Organisations: 
University of Tartu


Entity name: 

Faculty of medicine

Selection and Deadlines: 

All entrance exams are in June, all exams are in Estonian language and the exam questions depend on the speciallity.

Applicants can apply for two different specialities.

Applicant will compete with the rest of the Estonian graduates to a residency place.

After getting in to the programme the applicant needs to assemble the residency plan for one year, cooperating with the general instructor of the speciality, the applicant has to decide, where and when the applicant wants to accomplish the residency plan.

Selection Process Description: 

Every speciallity has its own entrance exams in estonian language, where the final exam is 10 points, written exam part is about 10-20 points and oral exam is 10-20 points.

All together maximum of 40 points, the applicants with the highest scores get in

Application Deadlines: 

Usually application deadline is 1st of June, entrance exams are in the end of June, beggining of July (all exams for different specialities are in one week).


All the information about training positions, timelines and conditions are on the medical faculty´s web page:




Funding of PGT (government-funded/funded by tax/included in healthcare insurance, etc.): 

Government funded.

Scientific Associations: 

Estonian Medical Association

Existent Medical Degrees
Medical Degrees: 

Officially there are no special degrees for doctors, every hospital can impose their own regulations differentiating doctors between different medical experiences and education

Working Conditions
Salary Gross/Brutto (basic, no oncalls included, in EUR): 


Used taxation scales, and (if known) average taxation percentage applied to salary: 


Type of Contracts: 

Paid overtime depends on the department and hospital. There are different types of contract.

Sick Leave: 
Sick leave info: 

Starting from the 3rd day, all sick days are paid.

Paid vacation: 
Vacation info: 

Usually 28 days per year

Maternity leave: 
Social security system like unemployment benefits: 


Type of healthcare – healthcare for free National health system or Health Insurance: 

Estonian Health Insurance fund (National health system)

Other Information
Acceptance of foreign trainees for short term: 

Yes, has to be discussed with the department and the hospital before.

Mandatory Insurance required (for malpractice): 
Who is responsible for the damage immaterial and material: 

Depends if they have vouluntary insurance

Is there a difference in cases of civil claims and/or criminal procedures and/or disciplinary procedures?: 

It depends on the case itself.

Usually cases go to civil court but if there is a criminal case or the patient went to criminal court they will be prosecuted there.

Usually we have the voluntary insurance for that, but all cases are different and It depends on the hospital and the case itself.

Perspective towards migration of Healthcare Professionals and additional information: 

A lot of medical professionals are moving abroad (especially to Finland)

Updating of information
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Person providing the data and contact (must include e-mail adress): 

Rille Pihlak Estonian Junior Doctors' Association