Professional Recognition Process
Responsible Organisations: 

The Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel 

Entity name: 

SAK – Statens autorisasjonskontor for helsepersonell

Contact Data: 

SAK’s postal address:

The Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel (SAK)
P.O. Box 8053 Dep
NO-0031 Oslo, Norway

Street adress;

Calmeyers gate 1, Oslo

Telephone: +47 21 52 97 00,
Fax: +47 21 52 97 03


Helpdesk opening hours:

Monday – Wednesday: 9am–2.30pm
Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Friday: 9am – 2pm

Phone: 21 52 97 00
Fax: 21 52 97 03

Requirements and Documents needed
Documents needed: 

Please see

Be advised that fluency in Norwegian, or another scandinavian language, is required to practice medicine in Norway.

Deadlines and Duration

No particular deadline. 

Internship required?: 
How long does it last and what are the conditions to start with it and to finish it?: 

If you have completed training which gives the right to practise the profession in one EU/EEA country, and hold the diploma mentioned in the Professional Qualifications Directive, you will have fulfilled the requirements that must be met in order to practise the profession in the other EU/EEA countries. If you have completed the medical training necessary to qualify as a doctor in another EU/EEA country, you can apply for authorisation as a doctor from SAK. The fee is NOK 1560.

Recently qualified medical candidates who have completed medical training in an EU/EEA country where practical experience has been integrated into the training can apply for direct authorisation. Students having completed medical studies in Norway are subjects to direct authorisation.

EU/EEA Countries where practical experience is not integrated into the curriculum may apply for practical service in Norway. If you are educated in an EU/EEA country where practical service is not integrated in the curriculum, SAK ask for documentation of supplementary practice the applicant may have carried out, in order to provide as much information of the applicant’s experience as possible. For those who need to carry out practical service in Norway prior to obtaining a full authorisation, the fee is NOK 2470.

Application based, coordinated intake twice per year, it consists of 12 months of supervised hospital service and 6 months of supervised general practice. 

Is it required to start with postgraduate medical training?: 

For candidates who do not qualify for direct authorisation, internship is required. This may be subject to change. 

What is the procedure for a foreign doctor to start with it?: 
Postgraduate Medical Training
Responsible Organisations: 

Den norske legeforening and Helsedirektoratet.

Selection and Deadlines: 

Not applicable.

Selection Process Description: 

Not applicable. Junior Doctor is required to work in positions which count towards specialisation, and complete courses and procedural lists. Positions are announced at

Application Deadlines: 


Funding of PGT (government-funded/funded by tax/included in healthcare insurance, etc.): 

Government funded jobs, national doctors association partly funds courses.

Working Conditions
Salary Gross/Brutto (basic, no oncalls included, in EUR): 

During internship: approx 53.000 euro (as of january 2014) First two years of specialisation: approx 60.000 euro. Please keep in mind that costs of living in Norway are substantially higher that many European countries

Used taxation scales, and (if known) average taxation percentage applied to salary: 

Average taxation at above mentioned salary levels: 32,8% average tax, marginal tax 44,8%. 

Paid Overtime: 
Type of Contracts: 

Most junior doctors work temporary contracts, lasting less than 6 months. Contents of contracts generally regulated by common agreement.

Sick Leave: 
Paid vacation: 
Vacation info: 

No paid vacation, but right to 25 days of leave. 

Please see

Maternity leave: 
Social security system like unemployment benefits: 
Type of healthcare – healthcare for free National health system or Health Insurance: 

National health system, low charges. 

Other Information
Acceptance of foreign trainees for short term: 

This may be possible through local agreement. 

Mandatory Insurance required (for malpractice): 
Who is responsible for the damage immaterial and material: 

Few private lawsuits, claims generally settled through NPE. Please see

Updating of information
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