Professional Recognition Process
Responsible Organisations: 
National board of health and welfare


Entity name: 


Contact Data: 

SE-106 30 Stockholm 

Visits: Rålambsvägen 3, Stockholm
Phone: +46 (0)75 247 30 00
Fax: +46 (0)75 247 32 52
E-mail: socialstyrelsen@socialstyrelsen.se

Department of Regulations and Licences
The Department of Regulations and Licences has the same postal adress, phonenumber, faxnumber and e-mail as above.
Visits: Gjörwellsgatan 30, Stockholm
Opening hours
Weekdays 08.00–17.00

Requirements and Documents needed
Documents needed: 
Please see www.socialstyrelsen.se. The website is available in English.


Directive 2005/36/EC Applicability: 


Deadlines and Duration
No specific deadlines apply.
Re-certification required: 


Re-certification Information: 


How long does it last and what are the conditions to start with it and to finish it?: 

If you have a medical license to practice medicine, an internship is not required. If you have finished your medical education and are required to do an intership in your country before recieving your license, you can apply to do your internship in Sweden instead.


The least required time is 18 months. The most common length is 21 months
For more information, please see www.socialstyrelsen.se

Is it required to start with postgraduate medical training?: 

It is not required.

What is the procedure for a foreign doctor to start with it?: 

First you need to get a Swedish medical license. Then you apply for a post graduate training job

Postgraduate Medical Training
Responsible Organisations: 
The swedish board of healt and welfare approves you as a specialist after completing post graduate training. The post graduate positions are provided by the different regions and counties.


Entity name: 


Selection and Deadlines: 

Post graduate training in Sweden is a job position and you have to apply for the job by contacting the different employers. There are no national deadlines.

Selection Process Description: 

Differs throughout the country. First you apply with CV and personal letter, then if you are selected you are called to a personal interview, then  you  are selected based on your qualifications

Application Deadlines: 

No specific deadlines.


Some positions are not advertised, those your find by calling the head of a department. Some are advertised on the employers´websites and some are advertised on the website of the magazine beloning to the Swedish Medical Association.

Funding of PGT (government-funded/funded by tax/included in healthcare insurance, etc.): 

Some positions are not advertised, those your find by calling the head of a department. Some are advertised on the employers´websites and some are advertised on the website of the magazine belonging to the Swedish Medical Association.

Existent Medical Degrees
Medical Degrees: 
Working Conditions
Salary Gross/Brutto (basic, no oncalls included, in EUR): 

Varies. 4500 Euros per month.

Used taxation scales, and (if known) average taxation percentage applied to salary: 

Varies. More or less 30%.

Paid Overtime: 
Type of Contracts: 

Most of the time permanent employment. It is common to have short term contracts in the beginning of PGT.

Sick Leave: 
Sick leave info: 

Difficult to answer. See forsakringskassan.se

Paid vacation: 
Vacation info: 

4 weeks paid vacation.



Maternity leave: 
Social security system like unemployment benefits: 


Type of healthcare – healthcare for free National health system or Health Insurance: 

National health care system with smaller patient fees.

Other Information
Training Center Acreditation: 


Acceptance of foreign trainees for short term: 


Who is responsible for the damage immaterial and material: 

Malpratice insurance is paid by the employer.

Civil court cases are uncommon in Sweden. If they occur the individual doctor is responsible.

Is there a difference in cases of civil claims and/or criminal procedures and/or disciplinary procedures?: 

In disciplinary procedures the union often helps.

Updating of information
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Person providing the data and contact (must include e-mail adress): 

Jonas Ålebring  jonas.alebring@ sylf.se